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DBT Fibre

The company

Textile fibres for every need


Italy is a country with thousands of treasures, among them there is no lack of textile tradition. We have been operating in the sector for over 80 years, the historical tradition of the market is the basis of our business, and we create by enhancing our know-how we have gained over the years.


Innovation is the key word that distinguishes us. The main objective is to provide up to date high quality products. We use high-tech machinery to offer our customers a wide range of quality products.


The DBT Fibre product combines the criteria of functionality with an almost obsessive attention to the quality of the materials utilised, offering the spinner a versatile tool for creations in line with the demands of fashion and a constantly evolving textile market.


Every day we face the challenges of the near future. For DBT Fibre every moment is excellent to think about what actions to carry out and plan to keep up with the ever-changing textile-clothing trends.

Our history

DBT Fibre was founded in 2003 as a result of the merger of four companies created in the first half of the last century in four countries with a long historical tradition in the textile sector:
DE MARTINI begins his activity in the 60s in Biella beginning the first production of fancy tops industrially in Italy.                          In the early Seventies, through the experience gained in processing synthetic fibres, De Martini took up a new challenge and started producing capillary flow-control filters used as reservoirs in writing instruments, in cosmetics and air fresheners markets.

ACHILLE BAYART & C., in Roubaix in France, opens its first plant in the 30s maturing so the strongest experience both in production and in the marketing world of tapes for fancy yarns. 
TEXTIFIBRA born in the 60s in Sabadell and consolidated on local and international markets, primarily Spanish-speaking. LEPOUTRE operates as a top maker in Belgium since the 70s and joins Textifibra in the 90s.

Our mission

Blends are our specialty giving the final product a unique and personal characteristic, from plush hair surfaces to soft vaporous textures or captivating color nuances.

In support of our commitment to the environment and general well-being we are certified with the Global Recycle Standard system (GRS), OEKO-TEX™ Standard 100 and FSC (Forest Stewardship council), etc.

Our range includes slivers for worsted spinning, for short-staple ring and open-end spinning, slivers for pile fabric and fibre effects for carded spinning. We process all types of natural and synthetic fibres, from wool and cotton, to nylon 6 (Takada), 66 (Katai) or 6.10 (Biofeel™), to generic cellulosics, from flame retardant fibres like Kermel to generic cellulosics like viscose or bamboo-viscose or branded cellulose fibres such as Danufil™, Tencel™Lyocel, Tencel™Modal, EcoVero™, Refibra™, or even aramidic and pararamidic like Kermel™ and PyroTex™, polyester, acrylic and many others without forgetting recycled fibres such as RENYCLE™, recycled PA6 perfectly in line with our philosophy of respect for the environment and promotion of the circular economy.

Environment and Sustainability