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Being at the forefront and attentive to the changes that surround us is very important for us. This concept translates every day into concrete activities: a detailed study of the trends and fashions of the moment, both in terms of taste, and above all, in terms of materials. Our work collects all the potential of natural and synthetic fibers to transform them into different themes, colors and patterns.
Our collections are born from the inspiration for novelties and trends, and the products that are made are the translation. The DBT idea is expressed through the fusion of imagination and functionality, investing in product innovation and production processes, with an eye to the environment.

Autumn - Winter Collection 22/23

The collection is under the banner of sustainability. Born from the continuous search for innovative products that aim to achieve high technical and aesthetic performance, developed from exclusive raw materials with low environmental impact.

There are four key concepts that best interpret the spirit of the new collection:

Modern Style

Super soft nylon fibers derived from recycling processes for smooth or resilient knitwear,

biodegradable fibers and cellulosic fibers for ultra-light weight jersey with a silky look.

Urban Active

Recycled polyester fibers and special cationic fibers, with innovative bulking properties that suggest light, active inspired sweaters for transversal wear.

Ultra Romantic

Nylon fibers that imitate a mohair astrakhan effect alternate with dense, fluid and feathered surfaces typical of angora, at times with a metallic touch.

The Art of Heritage

Tops that suggest a refined and super chic craftsmanship, inspired by tradition but renewed with unprecedented inserts of printed tops, multicolored flames, tweeds and jarre.



Spring-Summer Collection 22

For the new spring/summer 2022 collection, DBT Fibre is inspired by the privileged relationship between man and nature and promotes the new product line DBT ECO fibre.

DBT Eco Fibre is the commitment of De Martini Bayart & Textifibra to target its products and the activities related to their production towards an eco-responsible development model.

They are fibres that suggest yarns for a spring dress that is attentive to the aesthetics, functionality, well-being and health of the person. The yarn count is very thin and almost impalpable for the technical threads, super light for the cellulosic and extruded nylon, medium/large for the ethnic and sporting threads.

The season is characterized by a careful engineering of the skillfully studied thread, with solutions that reveal the preciousness of the fibres, games of unexpected colors and a shrewd desire for fantasy. Attention to detail and extreme customization reflect the idea of ​​the unique garment. The lightness of the materials is taken to extremes.

FW 2021/22

This new autumn/winter 2021/22 season, DBT FIBRE reinforces its commitment to sustainable development, the key pillar of our mission, by presenting an entire collection of eco-friendly fibres.

Dedicated to the new desire for elegance impalpable and extremely luxurious. Noble fibres that give sweetness, softness and preciousness. Fluid and super thin combed yarns or fluffy and evanescent gauze.

 Alpaca and mohair are fibres that recall a light image. Swollen and super feathered sweaters in a natural version but also in refined glossy/matt games due to the use of ultra bright nylon and metallized, flamed and crystalline-looking fibres.

Recycled and reengineered fibres with a natural look, they transmit "green" suggestions. The irregularities, technically defined as "slubs" and jarre create original polychrome melange and stand out for authenticity, softness and for their eco-friendly character.

Research and experimentation for new chromatic virtuosity. Melange and moulinè, in complex coloristic developments, give camouflage streaks and an artisanal touch to shirts with a strong and personalized character.


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