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Our mission

Our strengths

The specialty

The blends, to give the final article unique and personal characteristics, from plush hair surfaces to soft vaporous textures or captivating color nuances.

The values

The protection of health and the environment has always been our priority. We have the utmost attention to maintaining the quality of the air and water, avoiding the use of harmful products in the manufacturing processes.

The sustainability

For us, sustainability is the result of daily gestures such as the differentiation and recovery of waste materials from production processes, and the recycling and enhancement of 100% of the packaging materials.

The product

We work with continuous commitment to the development of high quality products by combining our know-how with the value of each individual person who produces it, and for the search of increasingly sustainable processes.

Our mission

We create products with the aim of optimising the social and environmental impact.

Underlining our commitment to the environment and to the general wellbeing, we are GRS certified (Global Recycle Standard), OEKO-TEX™ Standard 100 certified and with FSC (Forest Stewardship council), we also invest in the production of clean energy, already in 2011 we installed a photovoltaic system, and today we have an installed power of more than 650KWp and save 390 tons per year of CO2.

DBT Fibre slivers are typically used in the preparation phase of the spinning cycle mixed with basic raw materials, in ratios ranging from 10% to 40% of the final yarn blend.

DBT products combine criteria of functionality, quality, touch, appearance and color, offering the spinner a versatile tool for realizations in line with current fashion and a constantly evolving textile market.

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