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DBT Fibre is an Italian company, a leader in the production of sliver and tops for spinners, but also fibres and effect for wollen industry and any other application that needs textile material. Based in Cerrione (Biella), it specializes in processing both natural and synthetic fibers for classic and fancy yarns.



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DBT Fibre was founded in 2003 as a result of the merger of four companies created in the first half of the last century in four countries with a long historical tradition in the textile sector. Specialists in carded sliver for fancy yarns and Tweed effects with its sliver types Tweedose, Bermuda, Canarie and Londra, DBT FIBRE has over the years diversified and expanded its range to include converter tops, stretch-broken tops and combed tops.

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We combine the most advanced textile technology with machinery adapted to offer a wide range of carded slivers or combed tops for classic and fancy yarns. The DBT Fibre product combines criteria of functionality, quality, hand touch, appearance and color, offering the spinner a versatile tool for creations according to the demands of fashion in a constantly evolving textile market.

Innovation is the key word that distinguishes us. The main objective is to provide up to date high quality products.


We have been operating in the sector for over 80 years, our historical experience in the market tradition is the basis of our business.


DBT Fibre

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    Wishing you and your loved a wonderful holiday season

    12 February 2024

    Traceability means making the origin of materials and all transformation processes identifiable and transparent.

    12 February 2024

    DBT FIBRE, a pioneer of responsible innovation, is a co-founder of the new textile research center, MAGNOLAB, established in Biella.

    12 February 2024