• 12/02/2024
  • Novità

Traceability means making the origin of materials and all transformation processes identifiable and transparent.

It is one of the top priorities of the green revolution, a crucial step toward a more sustainable industry, aiming to provide consumers with accurate information about the environmental and social impacts of products.

DBT FIBRE preserves and protects the origin and value of the raw materials by using special tracking fibers that are incorporated into the tops.

These fibers are odorless, colorless, hypoallergenic, and invisible to the human eye, causing no harm to the environment and not compromising the quality or performance of the yarn since the required quantity is minimal, less than 0.1%.

They can be used on both natural and artificial fibers.

The tracking fibers/materials are a special evolution of the barcode, giving yarns an identity and allowing the tracking and recording of their entire journey, from origin to the end consumer.

The “tracking” fibers are tested to withstand all stages of the processing process and remain in the yarn throughout its entire lifecycle, even during recycling and reuse.

They can be detected at any time with special portable scanning devices.

Through a unique QR code and thanks to the data present in the blockchain, the consumer can trace the entire supply chain and know the history of each product and production phase.

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