• 30/10/2023
  • Novità
"Gianfranco De Martini" scholarship

DBT Fibre believes and supports Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation, that leads various social initiatives to help young adults in need.

We do sponsor with enthusiasm the new initiative of the Foundation: “Gianfranco De Martini” scholarship, that sits within Credit to the Future program - helping young people with difficulties in imaging a life project.

The aim of these scholarships is to lead to university degree talented young adults with no means to access university. The guys will be guaranteed with a strong and supporting network, including mentors coming from the sponsorship companies and tutors of the Foundations who will be by their side during the whole path. They can count, indeed, not only on economical support, but also personal development, mentoring & coaching session starting from the forth year of high school til the uni degree.

DBT Fibre wishes the best to the guys who won the first round of scholarships and that soon will approach university life. We do hope this will be an enriching experience helping you to set the first step into your future career!

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