• 12/02/2024

DBT FIBRE, a pioneer of responsible innovation, is a co-founder of the new textile research center, MAGNOLAB, established in Biella. MAGNOLAB began its operations in 2021 through the initiative of a group of companies that are now part of the network: DBT FIBRE, De Martini, Marchi & Fildi, Filidea, Di.Vé, Pinter Caipo, Maglificio Maggia, and Tintoria Finissaggio 2000.

These companies operate in different segments of the textile supply chain, with complementary roles, but they collaborate on projects, sharing common objectives.

MAGNOLAB’s primary goal is to be the reference hub of research and innovation in textile and clothing sector.

It aims to collaboratively develop new products and processes among its partners, implementing rapid experimentation cycles following a lean management model.

MAGNOLAB has a physical network of pilot plants located at its headquarters in Cerrione (Biella), where experimentation and development of new products take place.

This facility enables the concentration and agility of prototyping activities throughout the textile supply chain, offering innovative solutions to customers.

MAGNOLAB’s mission also includes fostering interaction between education and industry.

It collaborates with educational institutions in the textile and fashion fields, both in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to MAGNOLAB, students have the opportunity to practically develop and test their ideas and solutions using the industrial plant machinery for prototype use.

MAGNOLAB isa unique entity, a model of collaboration among businesses, an innovation accelerator, and a privileged place for research and the cultivation of new skills.

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