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Eco fibres

Environment and Sustainability

CO2 Ton/year saved
kWp photovoltaic
Emissions to the atmosphere
Products from certified material

Energy saving

The creation of clean energy has always guided our technological investments. In 2011 we commissioned photovoltaic panels on the roofs of all our plants, reaching at present an installed power over 650KWp.

The new office building, first to have a PH + (PASSIVE HOUSE PLUS) certificate in Italy, was designed and built as a passive building which, in addition to optimizing all free energy supplies (photovoltaic, geothermal), it guarantees air tightness by avoiding any heat exchange between inside and outside.

All these investments allow a saving of CO2 emissions equal to 390 tons per year, and therefore qualify DBT as one of “Greenest” Italian companies.

Care for the territory

We at DBT Fibres have created a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment in which we operate and we are constantly engaged in the management of environmental risk throughout the entire production cycle.
We pay the utmost attention to maintaining air and water quality by reducing the use of all harmful products used in manufacturing processes.

The protection of health and the environment has always been our priority.

Culture of recovery

We believe that sustainability is also the result of small daily gestures such as the choice of recycled materials and the exploitation of waste in subsequent productions.

We also support a simplified production process by using recycled fibers that reduce the consumption of natural resources and therefore reduce the environmental impact. We consider our approach to be entirely eco-friendly, where the fibers return to life and mix with each other with creativity.

Respect for the people

DBT Eco Fibre represents the passion for our work, that places the human factor and the health of workers and consumers at the center of acting through quality products and processes.

Each product brings our know-how with the value of each individual person who produces it, which is a crucial component in the balance of our company.