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Spring-Summer Collection 22 collection

Spring-Summer Collection 22

For the new spring/summer 2021 collection, DBT Fibre is inspired by the privileged relationship between man and nature and promotes the new product line DBT ECO FIBRE.

DBT Eco Fibre is the commitment of De Martini Bayart & Textifibra to target its products and the activities related to their production towards an eco-responsible development model. They are fibres that suggest yarns for a spring dress attentive to the aesthetics, functionality, well-being and health of the person. The yarn count is very thin and almost impalpable for the technical threads, super light for the cellulosic and extruded nylon, medium/large for the ethnic and sporting threads.

The season is characterized by a careful engineering of the skillfully studied thread, with solutions that reveal the preciousness of the fibres, games of unexpected colors and a shrewd desire for fantasy. Attention to detail and extreme customization reflect the idea of ​​the unique garment. The lightness of the materials is taken to extremes.


Ecological fibres derived from wood cellulose pulp, natural polymers extruded through processes at low environmental impact.


High performance technical fibres, they are "ecological" nylon fibres degradable in nature.


Fibres based on the sense of excellence and recycling thanks to recovery and regeneration actions but also to re-engineering of pre or post consumer fibres.


Special recycled fibres are transformed into innovative 3D effects, slubs, neps. Eco-sustainable fibres are transformed into captivating multi-colored threads thanks to new printing techniques.

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