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DBT Fibre leads Polylana® expansion

DBT Fibre leads Polylana® expansion

DBT Fibre leads Polylana® fiber expansion

DBT Fibre leads Polylana® fiber expansion

18 Febbraio 2021

Environmental awareness and sustainability are the motivating concern in today’s society.
Consumer consciousness on the effects of climate change and the social impact of modern industry on communities around the world have spawned a longing for a more sustainable way of life.
In the Textile World Leading Brands and Manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge.

At The Movement the answer was the creation of Polylana® fiber!

What is Polylana®?

Polylana® fiber is responsible, innovative, eco-efficient and provides, like wool, excellent volume, elasticity, comfort and softness.
Its low environmental impact production process optimizes energy utilization and reduces water consumption and CO2 emissions.

More in detail, Polylana® fiber is:

• available in staple or sliver form;
• made from 50% virgin material and 50% recycled material;
• cationic: it can be dyed at low temperature and low pressure (just like acrylic), contrary to normal and recycled polyester;
• available in two variants: fixed and bulky (with 21/23% retraction);
• it is 100% traceable: AWARE™ technology, a tracer embedded in Polylana® fiber, along with the blockchain, allows to track and trace the product during each stage of the textile supply chain;
• responsible: it has been validated by an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which takes into account the complex interactions between the fiber and the environment, in terms of energy utilization, water consumption and CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle until its disposal.

In order to use its brand and get the labels, the product must contain at least 50% Polylana® fiber.
The Movement B.V., thanks to the tracer, will verify its compliance in the final product, free of charge, issuing the Polylana® fiber COA (Certificate of Authenticity).  

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