• 21/10/2022
  • Novità

The network of enterprises MagnoLab counts a new partner: Pinter Caipo Italia, belonging to the Pinter Group.

Leader in the sector of textile machinery, this international group counts 5 branches in the world.

Focused on the production of machineries and systems for special yarns and for the monitoring for the textile industry, the group will share its expertise in the development of innovative machines and systems for spinning, as well as of softwares for monitoring and planning of the textile departments.

MagnoLab, the new network of companies that operate in various parts of the textiles industry with complementary roles in the production chain, is growing. The primary mission is always to cooperate in a structured way to develop innovation, research and projects connected to sustainability and circular economy.

In the year 2023 the contruction of the physical network of pilot plants will be completed; they will be installed on a single site in Cerrione (Biella), where the companies will work on collaborative development of innovative products and processes with rapid, streamlined experimentation processes. This unique form of organisation concentrates prototyping work for presentation to future customers and experimentation with product and process solutions for direct transfer to partners’ plants, before proceeding with mass production.

The pilot plants are set up with industrial machinery on which to develop new projects under conditions perfectly representing the reality of the industry, offering an opportunity to work independently of the demands of production and interact directly with partners in the industry. In this setting, the participating companies can experiment with the processes forming the principal links in the textile industry’s chain of production, from fibre preparation to spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and confectioning.