• 27/09/2022
  • Novit√†
The colours trends of the Spring - Summer 2024 season

The color chart celebrates sustainability in every aspect, enriching itself with new shades with a green character, the colors are sophisticated and natural.

Color trends Spring - Summer 2024

The exuberance of color is defined by the fresh, bright, sometimes acidic "Floral" colors (Azalea and Begonia).

Interesting are the saturated, intense "Folk" colors with a strong personality which, when combined with white lime, navy and narcissus, reinterpret sportswear (Orange and Purple).

The colors of the "Earth" are natural halftones, which, when combined with bright colors, inspire a new ethnic style (Ocher, Leather and Amethyst).

The "Vintage" color palette, full of history and color, redefines the concept of "new" in an aesthetic, inspired by creative recycling, where waste fibers acquire longevity and value with a second life cycle (Rosa and Phard).

The "Vegetal" colors are natural shades that mix with each other and with the must-have colors for a sophisticated and informal casual dress (Hemp and Bronze).