• 11/04/2022
  • Novit√†
The new collection AW 23/24

Being sustainable for DBT FIBRE means working to ensure that sustainability is perceived and lived as a qualifying element for our daily life.

This principle translates into solid activities:

- The use of new generation synthetic fibers: green, but above all biodegradable

- Sustainability embodies the concept of re-use, re-cycle and guides us towards the use of recycled fibers, such as cotton, polyester and polyamide

- The use of certified chemicals in manufacturing processes that require their use

- The production of clean energy with photovoltaic and geothermal systems, avoiding any polluting emission in the atmosphere, accompanied by continuous energv efficiency work

- The recycling and enhancement of 100% of packaging materials.

Everything is distinguished by an ethical route that privileges the protection of the environment and workers and consumers' health. a core value for DBT FIBRE

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