• 14/04/2023
  • Novità
TAKADA BIO - It's not too late to save the oceans from destruction

Takada Bio is a new discontinuous, 3.3 Dtex and semi-dull polyamide 6. It is produced with a new polymer allowing accelerated biodegradability even in a marine environment. Fluffy, soft, resilient and easy-care, Takada Bio combines typical characteristics of polyamide like tenacity and ease of use, with unique sustainability properties. Ideal for weaving, knitwear and upholstery, it gives each product properties such as low pilling and a consistent and fresh touch. Furthermore, it also has excellent dyeing and printing properties with vivid colors and great elastic memory. Takada Bio, an ecological fiber, adds up to the already wide range of eco-sustainable products available in DBT collection.


The tests were carried out according to the standard test method “ASTM D6691” to determine the aerobic biodegradability index of plastic materials in a marine environment.

Tests carried out for 301 days confirmed that Takada Bio fiber biodegrades faster than the standard nylon fiber, confirming the product’s ecological value.

Takada Bio is an eco-friendly fiber. Indeed, products made with Takada Bio, have unique properties for final consumers and pops-up among others thanks to its quality and value of an ecological product with accelerated biodegradability. Biodegradability is the propensity of materials to be degraded into sim-pler substances such as water, carbon dioxide andmethane, through the enzymatic activity of micro-organisms (such as bacteria, plants and animals) in natural environmental conditions. All materials are biodegradable, but the determining factor is the speed with which the biodegradability process occurs.

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